Gun Manufacturer Advertising Map of Europe
Emile Bernard & Co., Liège, Belgium: c. 1910

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Gun Manufacturer Advertising Map of Europe
Detail of gun illustration Detail of map Detail of gun illustration
Emile Bernard & Co.
Gun Manufacturer Advertising Map of Europe
Imprimerie Bénard, Liège, Belgium: c. 1910
Color process print on paper, folds as issued
26.25 x 34 inches overall
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Pre-World War I advertising map of Europe produced for a Belgian gun manufacturer, Emile Bernard & Co. The map encompasses the area from Iceland in the west to the Russian border with the Caspian Sea in the east, and the Arctic in the north to the Mediterranean in the south. Rivers and towns are shown, and European countries are colored green, blue, pink, yellow, lavender and orange. Surrounding the map are nine illustrations of fancy engraved firearm actions, along with their model numbers. The map cartouche lists awards received by the company in 1907, and shows St. Petersburg, which dates it to prior to 1914, when that city was renamed Petrograd.

Emile Bernard & Cie. was a Belgian gun manufacturer operated in Liège by Emile Bernard (1867-1935). In 1900, Bernard took over the business of Ferdinand Drissen, a firm founded in 1845. In 1919, the company name was changed to Emile Bernard, Armurier [Gunsmith]. After Bernard’s death in 1935, his widow took it over. It continued operations until at least 1959. The company mainly concentrated on the market for high-end precision hunting weapons, manufactured in the best quality materials and frequently embellished with decorative engraving.

Imprimerie Bénard was a printing firm in Liège, Belgium.

Cartouche: “Manufacture de Fusils de Précision, E. Bernard & Cie, Successeurs de Ferd. Drissen, Rue Mont-St-Martin, 54, Liége [sic] (Belgique), Maison Fondée en 1845. Catalogues illustrés Franco et Gratis en français, en allemand, en italien, en espagnol, en portugais et en hollandaise. On correspond dans les memes langues. Récompenses obtenues aux Expositions Universelles les plus récentes: Milan 1906: Grand Prix et Diplôme d’Honneur. Amiens 1906: Hors Concours, Membre du Jury. Bordeaux 1907: Grand Prix. Madrid 1907: Hors Concours, Membre du Jury.” [Manufacture of Precision Guns, E. Bernard & Co., 54 Mont-St-Martin Street, Liege (Belgium). Successors to Ferdinand Drissen, founded in 1845. Illustrated catalogues free and postpaid in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. We correspond in the same languages. The most recent awards at Universal Expositions.…”


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