Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Pictorial Map by Varvatis Brothers, New York: 1962

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Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Encyclopedic Map of Greece Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Encyclopedic Map of Greece
Varvatis Brothers, New York: 1962
Color process print
21.75 x 26.75 inches, ruled border
23.25 x 28.75 inches, overall
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Highly detailed large pictorial map of Greece, labeled in both English and Greek and produced in New York City by a Greek-American publishing firm. The map is packed with small illustrations related to Greek history, culture and economic activity from antiquity to the date of publication in the early 1960s. The cartouche design incorporates a Greek flag and a Northern Epirus flag, laurel branches, portraits of King Paul I and Queen Frederika and a royal coat of arms. An illustrated “Legend” below that provides a key to railways lines, roads, mountains, lakes, mineral springs, towns and capitals, monasteries, archaeological sites, as well as agricultural products and economic activities: cotton, silk, shooting [hunting], tobacco, olive oil, citrus, fruits, metals, fishery, figs, wine, cereals [grains] and [livestock] farming. Portrait busts of important figures from antiquity flank the legend: Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Aristophanes, Pericles and other philosophers, authors and warriors. Numerous other important religious, secular and cultural figures are also portrayed throughout the map, many with their birth and death dates. Greek legends and historical events are also noted with illustrations, such as the Colossus at Rhodes and the story of Icarus and Daedelus.

The oceans are decorated with several small illustrations of different folk dances. There is an inset map of Cyprus, lower left. North of the border is labeled in laurel leaves OXI. The northern border of Northern Epirus, a heavily Greek area of Albania that was contested territory between the two countries during the first quarter of the 20th century, is marked with a row of Northern Epirus flags. Along the borders with Albania and Yugoslavia respectively are battle illustrations labeled, “War Italy-Greece 1940-1941” and “War Germany-Greece 1940-1941.” Ancient battles are also illustrated: in Turkey are a depiction of “The Victory of Alexander the Great Against the Persians” and one of Achilles riding a chariot, leaving behind the vanquished Hector. Nearby is an illustration of the walled city of Troy, where the Trojan Horse stands.

This map seems to have been produced with proud Greek-Americans in mind: beneath the Legend are portraits of three recent American presidents: Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower, and near the center is a portrait of the then-current president with the dedication: “This is dedicated to a great Philhellene the Honorable John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America.” This is the first edition of the map produced the year it was copyrighted in the U.S. A second edition was published in 1970.

Title upper left: Encyclopedic Map of Greece by “Hellenic Pictorial Cartography” of Varvatis Brothers. Established 1930. Patent 10221. Copyright Varvatis Bros. Informations and orders to be addressed to George Varvatis, 40-33 78th Street, Elmhurst 73, New York, U.S.A. Phone: TW 8-8313.

Additional publication information lower right: EPΓON 23ov EKΔOΣIΣ 1η 1962 [Work 23, 1st Edition 1962].


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